About Me!

april howe

Welcome!! I am April Howe, a previously STRESSED out stay at home mom of 3 little ones who was struggling to keep it together.

To now a Successful Entrepreneur, pursuing my passion in holistic, natural living and running my entire business at home alongside these 3 crazy, insanely cute little ones!

Have you been there? Battling the dreaded question. Do I take that 9-5 job and sacrifice time with my kids, or stay home with the kids and sacrifice our finances?

When we started our family, I knew I wanted to be “that” Mom, the mom who volunteered for the class trips, the obnoxiously loud Mom on the sidelines of the baseball games, and the one who was there when the kids went to school and home when they arrived.  So  for 10 years I did just that.  Errrr..Breaks on ..Wait what heck happened to my “dream” of the simple life I so longed for? WELL… LIFE happened! Bills stacked up, stress set in, chaos and doubt was born, and betty home maker mom was now a stressed out crazy women who was so off track that the ability to even appreciate the “dream” I longed for was a lost cause and now facing the dreaded reality that one income was just not enough.  And wait, what happened to “ME”????

I forgot who “I” was, what my purpose was. What I longed for before I became this Mom. Those desires stay deep within our souls; mine got tucked away under all the chaos.  I always wanted a job with real purpose. A job that made an impact, changed lives.  I was the 17 year old girl begging her parents to please just let her pack a bag, go to that third world country and join the Peace Core!  Do we really have to choose our family over our purpose? Do we really need to choose family or financial stability?

Then it hit me… who I am I kidding.. I prayed a whole heck of a lot. Then GOD made me realize I let the world define me. I let “LIFE” control me.. I let finances and doubt control me. When reality was I had the ability to control IT!

I COULD be that stay at home mom. I COULD have a successful business that had purpose.  I COULD pursue my passion.  I COULD do so in a manner that I could do all this while keeping my SANITY.. Imagine that!!!!

What does this look like? Action. Taking solid action towards taking control of your life. Let me show you how!

This is my story, my journey. My walk from chaos to freedom. I will give you the tools to help you create the life YOU want to live.  All while sharing my many passions along the way!


Just a Simple Living, God Loving, Back to the Basics ,Busy Building an Empire kind of Mom!